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Anastasiya Batura, Career Producer
101 Miracle 21 day online traveling to One-Hundred and One life miracles more info »

One-Hundred and One Miracles

An online journey to realize your dreams and talents.
The Career Producer will share useful techniques on how to «Ask and get» what you want.

In the course of 21 days you will participate in exercises to understand and learn to effectively approach:

  1. What do I really want
  2. Harmony of body, mind and soul
  3. Getting things done
  4. Getting rid of the fear
  5. Creating a magic wishing board
  6. Forgiveness and letting go of things that hold you back
  7. Love to yourself

And many other life changing practices

You will get:
21 days of fulfilled results
101 wish to be realized
9 solved issues of life

Your life will never be the same and you will rediscover miracles that you already had.

What’s Next? 10 hour training program on how to apply your natural talents in practice more info »

What’s Next?

Discover a new approach to professional self determination in this 10 hour journey to :
- Identify your natural talents
- Determine a professional mission
- Make a decision about your professional activity
- Reflect on your experiences and get rid of limiting beliefs
- 100% of people attending report getting further in their goals

Tested in 10 countries of the world with 100% results for all age groups.

You are a Genius! Individualized program for high achievers ready to become Genius more info »

You are a Genius!

7 steps for your professional fulfillment under control of the only career producer in the world.
Anastasiya opened career DNA over three years ago to help dedicated professionals reach their full potential by taping in to latent elements of their innate talent.
Become a part of the program to maximize what you get out of your work. 

Career producer Anastasiya Batura will help you create breakthroughs in your career and life ambitions.
Anastasiya Batura, is author of the Career Spiral, a work that redefines conventional approaches to professional fulfillment. The contents have been presented at Harvard and New York University career centers and utilize a scientifically proven methodological technique to encourage hundreds of people towards effective avenues of career growth.

About Career Producer

Stuck in your career or still looking for one? Career Producer is here to help you create breakthroughs in your career and your life.

Anastasiya Batura, author of the Career Spiral that redefines conventional approach to professional fulfillment, presented at the career centers of Harvard and New York University.

Master of pedagogical sciences, bachelor of cultural anthropology; Youth cultural ambassador in the USA (2012-2013).

Scientifically proved methodology that encouraged 100s of people for career growth.

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